Day 1 – arrival

Everyone likes a picture of a dog. We were welcomed to our Hotel la Magdalena in Cartagena, Colombia, by 5 two-week old puppies and their ever so friendly mum (Katie noticed her large milk boobies so we went on the hunt….) 

We are staying in the Gestemani area and spent our first afternoon wandering around the neighbourhood whilst trying to ignore the 32 degree heat and humidity (and Katie’s whining as she broke her flip flops…) 

Our mission was to find new flip flops and food, and as we wandered around we started to discover parts of the beautiful old town – colonial architecture, wonderfully colourful buildings draped in flowers, street vendors on every corner selling fresh fruit and lemonade. I think we will like it here!

Jet lag was starting to hit though, so we found a little restaurant for a bite to eat and some air conditioning. This is where we had our first meal of fried Colombian delicacies:

(From top to bottom) we had carimañolas, which are fried yucca dough with cheese or meat in the middle, empanadas, similar to our pasties but fried and stuffed with anything you want, in our case chicken and mince. The brown one is a quibe, a fried hollow  ball made of a lentil dough with meat and onion inside – amazing! It was so good we had to have seconds.

Following our lunch, we went home for a quick nap and woke up 12 hours later. Bring on day 2! 



4 thoughts on “Day 1 – arrival

  1. Looks great, how much is 57,000 in real money! Hope you have a wonderful day today and keep blogging – so great to hear from you. Love you tons, Mum/Sian xxxxxx


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