Day 3 – Bocagrande

(Firstly, just returned after a few days wifi-less hence the slight delay…)

Nice and early rise again, and seeing as we missed dinner again last night, we woke very hungry. So off we went to find breakfast – the place we had our eyes on wasn’t open so we wandered for a good 20 mins before settling on our lunch place from yesterday. A cafe on the beautiful Plaza Trinidad. We had scrambled eggs which weren’t quite as good as yesterday’s but filled our hungry bellies. 

It was still pre 9am by the time we finished so headed back to the hotel to do some chores/nap. 

We then rented bikes for the day – we had very fetching pink bikes along with pink helmets (yes Katie wore one!), looked a bit like barbie dolls, and if we didn’t look like tourists before we sure did now!! We decided to cycle to Bocagrande, a peninsula with high rises which intrigued us on our first day. We heard the beaches there were better than in the city. 

After a slightly terrifying cycle we got to the beach and set up camp for a few hours where we were approached by no less than a million vendors selling all sorts of things. Here’s our approximate recap: 
– Number of bracelet vendors: 15-20

– Ceviche bikes: 8

– Tshirt vendors: 5

– Lunch vendors: 10

– Cake vendors: 5

– Fruit vendors: 3

– Drinks vendors: 15-18

– Sunglasses vendors: 5

– Massage ladies: 17-20

– Hat vendors: 5

– Musicians: 2

– Sarong vendors: 6

– Jet ski renters: 3

– Beach toys vendors: 3

– Coconut oil vendors: 3

– Fresh fish vendors: 6-8

– Pigeons: 55-65

We started to get peckish so decided to give in and try out the ceviche vendors which the family next to us was also enjoying – a very tasty cup of mixed seafood with a tomato-y lime-y yumm-y vinaigrette.

Seeing this side of the city, away from the well kept old town centre was quite eye opening – it felt like a completely different city even though it was 2km away. Made us realise just what a tourist trap the old town centre is.

We cycled back to town via the port and castle but the heat again was melting us so we headed back to the hotel to rest before actually making it out for dinner! 

We wandered into town for a drink at a bar we had spotted on our first day, overlooking a lovely plaza and the sea, although came across some kind of March/demo thing which at first we worried was an anti-gay march as there were signs saying man+woman=family but in the end we think it was just a pro family march..

We then went back to plaza Trinidad and sat with a huge crowd of people sipping beers and watching local kids playing football. A wonderful atmosphere, but was starting to get hungry so went to a local Colombian restaurant for our first actually dinner and had a two course meal of soup and beef stew/grilled chicken all for £2 each! 

We finished the evening in the Famous Cafe Havana for mojitos. 

A very successful day 3!


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