Days 31-37 – Cusco 

Here we are, still in Cusco. What was supposed to be a 2 night stay in Cusco before starting our Machu Picchu trek has turned into a week.

We arrived off our night bus from Arequipa where we both barely slept, and promptly got ill. I got away with just a cold, but Katie took the brunt of it and got very sick. I won’t share too much detail, but let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. 

So basically there really isn’t much to share, unless you would like to hear more about the decor of our hotel rooms or need tips on what to watch on Netflix?! (Blindspot is proving to be a great series by the way, but we’ve had to pause it as Katie was suffering from fever nightmares)

Some snippets from the last week, in short, as follows:

– we’ve had to move room 4 times within the same hotel (thank you Hatun Quilla for being so understanding)

– We’ve had to move our Machu Picchu trek 3 times (we can’t even bring ourselves to count how much this trek has ended up costing us). Luckily, our tour organisers Loki Travel, have been mostly understanding and haven’t charged us to move it, but we’ve had to pay penalties on things like the train back down, and our entrance into Machu Picchu which involved some harsh words

– Our first experience of a South American clinic – Katie just wasn’t getting any better after four days so off we went to SOS Medical Centre, and 300 soles later leave with the most expensive antibiotics in the world. But I guess she’s worth it

– We are now experts on Cusco’s soup scene if anyone needs tips

In all honesty, it’s been quite a frustrating week, and having never seen Katie that sick before, also quite scary. And seeing as every week counts on this trip, it’s been hard to get my head around this delay, but it’s all part of the learning experience (I’ve been told…. 🙂 )

All that aside, Cusco is beautiful and the weather has been great. I even got to cuddle a baby alpaca and a ginger alpaca so things could be worse. And now Katie is singing loudly in the shower so pretty sure the antibiotics are working a treat. 

Now, fingers crossed, we are set to leave at 6:30am for our three day trek to Machu Picchu! First day cycling, second day zip lining and third day hiking! Needless to say, our next blog post should be a bit more thrilling.
Bye for now x


3 thoughts on “Days 31-37 – Cusco 

  1. It must be a Savelli common feature to get scarily sick far away from home!!! I think it depends on the excitement to try new food / explore new flavours, regardless of any warnings. I think Alex learnt his lesson in India…Katie’s turn now?!? ;)))


      1. Poor girls sickness and delays … Fingers crossed you’ve had your fair share and the rest of your trip will be without any hitches. Happy Machu Pichu xxx


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