Days 113 – 116 – Iguazu

Our latest adventure marks our 4th month away from home. Exciting but also crazy to think we only have one month left in the continent! 

Our last stop in Argentina was a pretty mind blowing experience and a very special end to our time in the country. Our trip to Puerto Iguazu was yet again by bus and it took us to northern Argentina, right on the border with Paraguay and Brasil. After a week in the big city of Buenos Aires it was actually quite nice to be thrown back into nature and into the warmth. We had booked a hostel which had a lovely pool in the garden but unfortunately the weather wasn’t as welcoming as we’d hoped. This, unfortunately, also affected our schedule. 

The interesting thing about the waterfalls is that they actually sit right on the border of Brasil and Argentina which allows for a 2 days visit, one on either side. With weather being cloudy and drizzly on our arrival we had to make a call on how to manage our time and decided our time would be better spent visiting the Argentine side which is larger and seemingly more impactful. 
So whilst we waited for the weather to settle we enjoyed a couple of lovely walks in Puerto Iguazu. The first took us to a spot which overlooks the 3 frontiers of Argentina, Brasil and Paraguay, with a huge view of the rivers and lush greenery which trademarks the area. The second took us around the small but cute town of Puerto Iguazu, landing us in a market area which primarily sold olives and olive oil. 

Our last day in the area was D-day. We aimed to arrive at the falls by 8am to avoid the crowds and because we had to leave by 3pm to then head to catch a coach to the Brazilian coast. As soon as we arrived excitement quickly filled the air; it felt like we were entering a theme park – we had no idea what to expect but knew there was plenty of fun to be had! The waterfalls are within a natural park so part of the enjoyment is breathing in the nature with its numerous trees, butterflies, birds and animals. Annalie actually made friends with two animals – a bird and a coati – whose curiosity couldn’t keep them away from her sandwich. Annalie however wasn’t in a sharing mood and shrieked them away. 

The park is very big, huge in fact, which means it takes a good 6 hours on foot to visit it all. And the amazing thing is that the walkways and paths all lead to different waterfalls and different views. Our first stop was La Garganta del Diablo (the Devil’s Throat), a closeup and almost birds eye view of a set of gigantic waterfalls. The walk to the viewpoint is along a stretch of bridges that weave their way through rivers and trees, the views are lovely but what’s even more interesting is the growing sound of the waterfalls. It starts as a faint noise in the background – a distant wind – but as you get closer it gets so loud it’s almost scary! The view on arrival speaks for itself… 

We were so overwhelmed by the majestic sights our adrenaline rushes could barely be contained. We were so close we actually got splashed! Like kids in a toy shop we were ready to go to the next stop – a boat ride under the falls! We rushed our way to the boat whilst enjoying more stunning views en route. The ride turned out to be one of the most hilarious and thrilling 17 minutes of our lives, roaring across the river, dipping in and out of the falls and getting 100% soaked from head to toe (including Annalie who had tried to guard her clothes with a flattering poncho).  

From these shots you can probably sense why the Iguazu Falls are one of the 7 natural wonders and also claimed to be the largest waterfall system in the world. We certainly had no idea and were bowled over by the whole experience. The falls enveloped us for the entire day and it felt like they were never ending. Our last couple of hours were spent strolling along the final path which coasted the upper end of the park where the waterfalls hit gravity. Everything was stunning and completely worth the umpteenth overnight bus ride. Highly recommend. 

Next stop: Brasil!
Ciao for now! Xx


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